Shaunna Fortier: 5th Grade Math & Social Studies Teacher

About Me

Hi! I was born and raised in Franklin County, Tennessee. I graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. This is my second year teaching, and I am thrilled to be here at Decherd Elementary. I am so excited to see what this year has in store!

In My Classroom...

Each and every student is loved, welcomed, and valued. I believe that, as a teacher, it is my job to make learning as fun, hands-on, and meaningful as possible. I hope to instill a love for learning in all students, while providing them with a safe and compassionate environment. 

What We Learn


  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten
  • Number and Operations in Fractions
  • Measurement and Data
  • Geometry

Social Studies

  • Industrialization, the Gilded Age, and the Progressive Era (1870s-1910s)
  • World War I and Between the Wars (1920s-1940s)
  • World War II (1930s-1940s)
  • Post-World War II and the Civil Rights Movement (1940s-1960s)
  • Tennessee Prior to Statehood (pre-1796)
  • Statehood and Early Tennessee History (1796-1849)
  • Tennessee in the Civil War Era (1850s-1900)
  • Tennessee in the 20th Century (1900-present) 




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