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My philosophical approach to Art Education is both art focused and student centered.  Children should drive the change in how we teach and approach art.  A rich art program should have many layers.  With an emphasis on- solid technical studio art skills, an introduction and re-visitation on a variety of art mediums and techniques, art history, design thinking with technology integration, and lastly, a smooth integration of other school subjects.  It is important that students be able to use their creativity, and problem solving skills learned from my class, and apply them in other classes, as well as in everyday life.  Art should be meaningful, and I intend on creating a learning environment that allows my students to connect with our community, and the world.

Everyone learns in their own unique way.  I want to really know my students.  I want to learn what their needs are in order to help bring their abilities to light.  I am able to teach the same lesson a handful of different ways in order to reach all my students.  I am a firm believer in- Teach the child, not art.  Art is what we use.  My classroom will be a safe space for all my students to create ways of expressing themselves.  I want to know my students, listen to my students, and let them have a say in the classroom.

Art has always been my saving grace.  I believe I can make the biggest impact on the world by teaching art.  It was my art teachers throughout the years that made the biggest impact on my life.  Now I want to return the favor by helping students the way my teachers helped me.

As a lifelong learner, I look forward to continuing my education, and attending workshops that will help me grow as an art educator.  I am positive that by collaborating with other teachers and students I will only grow as an educator.  Children recognizing the value of their own imagination is what inspires me to continue to pursue art education.  Giving the children of our community a safe environment to express themselves free of judgement, and full of self-discovery, is my way of giving back to my community.  Sydney Gurwitz Clemens once said, “Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.”