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Helpful Links
Check here for some great educational games for your child.

This is a great website for helping to reinforce phonics as well 
as helping the students with their 
newly learned reading skills.

Franklin County Public Library
Here is a link to the Franklin County public library.

AR Book Finder
This is a great resource to search for AR books.

Looking for a good read to download? Check out Regional ebook and 
Audiobook Download System! A valid public library card is needed 
(such as the FREE library card you can get at the Franklin County 
Public Library).

Decherd Card Catalog
Want to know if our library has a book you would like to check 
out? Search here for books by author, title, or keyword.

Tennessee Electronic Library
Over 400,000 articles at your fingertips, including biographical 
entries about Presidents and other important people.

World Book Encyclopedia
Learn about people, places, animals, history and more!